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What is Sonic Branding in 2023?

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What is Sonic Branding in 2023?

Whether it be a sound you recognize or theme music from your favorite television show, movie, or product 'Sonic Branding' is a part of our lives in a major way.  
What is the sound of your brand?  How does it identify your product?
It takes a lot of thought, vision, and creativity to compose a perfect sonic identifier that is impactful for your brand.  It's not random notes or sounds put together.  It provides a strong factor that can accompany a logo, an ad, a spot, a feature...really you name it.  
It's not just limited to entertainment companies, sonic branding is for daily use products, food, commercial corporations, sports, etc...
Custom brand music provides an emotional and personal connection that brings more traffic, followers, consumers, enthusiasts, and  viewers for your potential success.
Brands that deliver sonically reach a place in the brain that visual branding alone can't reach.  Imagine your company brand expressed as a musical theme allowing for more potential consumers and customers thinking about your product without seeing a logo or name.  
[PLACE 20th Century Fox image, Netflix, PC Richard& Son, Aamco image]
Just to put into perspective on how influential sonic branding is think of companies as big as 20th Century Fox, or relatively small in comparison, like P.C. Richard & Son, or Aamco.  Each of these use music and sound to brand and market themselves to an all encompassing  demographic. Company name, logo, and reputation is bridged together through music and audio representing the company.  There's nothing more recognizable than the fanfare we all hear when we watch a movie produced at 20th Century Fox. 
Think of how every Star Wars film begins...that preemptive orchestral fanfare was created to entice, thrill, and bring focus and attention to a cinema production.  The same can be said about a catchy whistle jingle for a successful electronics store like PC Richard & Son.  Before each Netflix original production is played the viewer is met with that identifiable sound coupled with its logo reaching every viewer of its content.
Placing importance into customizing a sonic brand to your company benefits in critical ways to serve in reaching more potential and loyal customers.  
How can we capture the unique personality and emotion behind a brand? Our specialty is creating unique audio identities that differentiates from your competitors to yield a successful, memorable experience. If your interested in learning more about sonic branding or having one created, please reach out to us
  • 31 March, 2020
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